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Crispy, golden fries, smothered in rich gravy, topped with chewy, savory cheese curds.

Drooling yet?

Poutine is one of those dishes that hits every snackable sense right on the nose. So naturally, a festival dedicated to it brings out big flavors and intriguing textures. Poutine Fest, now on its 4th year, brought some great Chicago restaurants to Chop Shop to show off their takes on this perfect drunk food. (Did we mention the beers provided by Breakroom, 5 Rabbit, Metropolis, Temperance, and Horse Thief Hollow? Thanks, guys!)

Mindy's HotChocolate poutine
Mindy's HotChocolate won over the judges with their duck heart poutine.

The Judges' Choice top prize went to Mindy's HotChocolate, who delivered a hearty, flavorful poutine with duck heart, taleggio, and gruyere. Farm Bar and mfk. were the 1st and 2nd runners up, turning in a strong showing.

Farm Bar poutine
Farm Bar presented a tasty poutine with goat sausage, white cheddar, and rosemary gravy.
mfk poutine
Crispy lardo croutons on mfk.'s poutine gave some bite to their dish, which featured linguica gravy.

The People's Choice honor went to Q-Tine, displaying their prowess with their classic BBQ pork poutine. Runners up for the vote were Mindy's HotChocolate and Revolution Brewing.

Q-Tine poutine
Q-Tine knows their stuff as their BBQ pork poutine with crispy onions won over the crowd.
Revolution Brewing poutine
Revolution spiced things up with jalapeno gravy, braised short rub, and pickled fresno peppers.

Check out some of the other participants, and try not to let your stomach growling distract your co-workers.

Until next year!

Donermen poutine
Donermen delivered up their food truck kebab as a flavorful poutine.
Kimski poutine
Beer kimchi gravy added some spice to Kimski's version.
Paddy O'Fegan's poutine
Sometimes nothing beats a classic, and Paddy O'Fegan's served up just that.
Son of a Butcher poutine
Son of a Butcher turned poutine into a comforting pot pie with tender braised pork cheek.


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