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Al Fresco Dining Italian West Loop

While our winter has been mild by Chicago standards, nothing sparks the imagination like patio dining season - and a few, short months from now, the yearly ritual will be upon us again. Let us take a look back and dig into a visual feast from our archives; Formento's in the West Loop has been busy recreating the menu of the Italian-American past - Chef Tony Quartaro and team's "red sauce joint" concept has been a hit with locals and we stopped by last summer to check it out. Here's what we saw!

* with a constantly rotating menu of Italian-American classics, don't expect to see much of what transpires below on your next trip to Formento's!

Al fresco is what they call it - and dining outside while the weather is warm makes for a pleasant evening. The antipasti plate is no slouch as we're greeted with an assortment of pickled Italian items like olives, beets and cauliflower.

formentos patio 0005 1IMG 0224
Formento's antipasti plate

Up next, Formento's riff on crostini (the little crusts!); their version comes with burrata, tomatoes, arugula and Italy's finest meats piled on crispy sesame bread.

formentos patio 0004 1IMG 0241
Crostino with Burrata

Nonna's Meatballs are a tradition on many Italian menus in Chicago. Formento's let's you drop them on just about anything, like this salad with tomatoes, chickpeas and a dusting of pecorino. Grandma knows best!

formentos patio 0006 1
Insalate con Nonna's Meatballs

Next, we dug into the Bucatini Carbonara - it's not all about the red sauce at Formento's. Their macaroni is homemade and the carbonara combines guanciale, a farm egg and pecorino romano. We never say no to yolky goodness.

formentos patio 0001 1IMG 0253
Bucatini Carbonara

A little know fact, Formento's grills their meats over cherry wood! Our ribeye comes medium-rare with grilled peperoncini.

formentos patio 0003 1IMG 0242
Ribeye Grilled over Cherry Wood

During the summer season at Formento's, a rotating menu of fish are steamed in parchment paper while doused in dill, lemon, onion and a variety of aromatics. The fingerling potatoes suffer a similar fragrant fate.

formentos patio 0002 1IMG 0250
Steamed Fish

Thank goodness our active summer lifestyle's let us add a guilt free treat! Formento's Chocolate Cake is a dessert menu staple with chocolate pudding and hazelnut praline.

formentos patio 0000 1IMG 0257
Formento's Chocolate Cake


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