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Now Open Streeterville

The idea for Robert’s Pizza Company was started fifteen years ago when founder, Robert Garvey, began crafting his own pizzas at home. For years, he tried to perfect his signature dough he dubbed, “Za Dough” and finally, after an infinite amount of taste tests, he created the pizza he wanted to share with the world. And he’s opened up shop in Streeterville for your pizza eating pleasure.

The small but simple menu offers up a few appetizer and salad choices before digging into an array of brick oven pizzas. Both options light enough to save room for whichever pies suite your fancy.

IMG 3485
Artisanal Meatball Appetizer

Perhaps the most colorful of Robert’s creations is the Huevos Rancheros Pizza (pictured at the top of the page), perfect for those that love breakfast on their pizza (or to cure a hangover). This pie is topped with black beans, spicy chorizo, queso fresco, scallions, cilantro, salsa verde and four sunny-side up eggs.

The Proscuitto and Arugula is a balance of flavors topped with grape tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and the citrus of lemon vinaigrette. It is light but flavorful and before you know it, you’ll have eaten the whole thing!

IMG 3487
Proscuitto and Arugula Pizza

Robert’s of course offers a Create-Your-Own option where guests can choose their base then add their favorite toppings. A combo to try is one with a tomato sauce base and topped with perfectly caramelized onions, fennel sausage and wild mushrooms.

For vegetarians, there are four main options in the Mushroom and Onion, Three Cheese, Roasted Red Grapes and Fennel, and The Lia, a simple tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella pizza named after Robert’s daughter.

IMG 3493
Create Your Own Pizza (caramelized onions, fennel sausage and wild mushrooms with a tomato sauce base)

Pair any of the pizzas with Robert’s craft cocktails, many of which are named after pieces of Garvey’s past. These include the 1972 Bonneville Sour, made with our hometown CH Distillery Vodka, simple sugar and lemon juice; named after one of Robert’s other passions, his 1972 Bonneville motorcycle hung above the host’s table at the restaurant. Garvey’s gin and tonic twist he calls the Mormac Wave after the naval ship he was on is concocted of G’Vine Floraison, Fentimans Tonic Water, and garnished with fresh berries and basil. Other cocktails include a gin mojito, hibiscus margarita, daiquiri and a Manhattan.

Mormac Wave, Lucano Limonata and Gin Mojito

Robert’s is open Tuesday through Sunday for dinner from 5:00-10:00 PM and working on introducing delivery this summer season!


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