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Romantic Small Seat Japanese Sushi Lincoln Park

Macku has been a Lincoln Park mainstay for years. The menu mixes traditional Japanese flavors with unique fusion recipes served in decadent flatware. We sat with Chef Macku Chan's favorite preparations. Read on to see what we tasted.

We started out with a savory cucumber salad topped with lightly seared tuna.

Macku 0016 Cucumber-Salad
Fresh tuna on a bed of cucumber

Working with his brother Kaze and his cousin Hari, Macku Chan’s food has been at the forefront of Japanese inspired cuisine in Chicago for the last fifteen years.

Next up a unique bisque-like carrot soup with chunks of crab and topped with a rice cracker.

Macku 0014 Carrot-Soup
Carrot soup with puréed carrot, alaskan king crab, white miso, cream, chives and rice cracker

The Sawa Gani is a cup of crispy crab fried up to a beautiful golden brown and served with a light, sweet Japanese curry for dipping.

Macku 0013 Sawa-Gani
Sawa Gani with crispy river crabs, shichimi togarashi and japanese curry

One of Chef Macku's most requested dishes, the live scallop is sliced and served with a thick and creamy sauce.

Macku 0010 Scallops
Macku signature live scallop

A hot dumpling filled with lobster is a hearty small plate.

Macku 0004 Lobster-Dumpling
Lobster dumpling

And now for something different... Bison! This lean serving is accompanied by vegetables and a tangy reduction.

Macku 0011 Bison
Pan-seared bison with diced mangos, scallions, jalepeños, red onions and red wine soy reduction

This whole fish presentation is one of the most decadent we have ever encountered. The Twisting Thread Snapper is aptly named and totally Instagram worthy.

Macku 0009 Whole-Snapper
Itoyoridai: Twisting Thread Snapper with sweet and spicy fried skin and pickled onions

Vegetable tempura comes with your choice of fried delights. We went with shiitake mushroom.

Macku 0008 Vegetable-Tempura
Vegetable tempura maki with shiitake mushrooms

Another incredible presentation! Uni rests on top of the urchin shell complete with spines.

Macku 0007 Uni
Sea urchin

Let's get a better look. Uni cam!

Macku 0006 Uni-Close
Sea urchin close up!

The tuna hand roll comes neatly wrapped for easy consumption.

Macku 0005 Tuna-Hand-Roll
Big eye tuna hand roll

Nearing the end of the meal we tried tuna nigiri.

Macku 0003 Big-Eye-Tuna
Big eye tuna nigiri

More nigiri here!

Macku 0002 Salmon-Sashimi
Salmon nigiri

Capping off a decadent experience with dessert made from white asparagus means we are getting our vitamins, right?

Macku 0000 White-Asparagus
White asparagus
chocolate syrup, 
ped cream and 


The small space is perfect for quick bite at the sushi bar or a table for two.

Macku 0001 Room-Shot
Macku Sushi in Lincoln Park


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