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The sign outside of Elizabeth Restaurant in Lincoln Square is so small, you could likely miss it, whether you are seeking it or not. Nestled between a comic book store and a tire shop on North Western Avenue, the One Michelin-starred restaurant is veiled from the outside, dark curtained windows hiding the intimate space within. If you can bypass the “sticky” door to step inside, Elizabeth’s magnificent staff will welcome you into the cozy, unpretentious dining room where diners have near full visibility to the artistry taking place in the kitchen. Come hungry and prepared to be impressed as owner Tim Lacey’s team of culinary and beverage prowess, lead you through a multi-course journey you will not soon forget.  

On our mid-November visit, we were able to indulge in Executive Chef Ian Jones’ November tasting menu and Beverage Director Ali Martin’s thoughtfully curated wine and spirit-free beverage pairings. Chef Jones’ prix fixe creations are a passionate nod to the foraged flavors of fall, featuring ingredients boasting savory, umami warmth with hints of sweetness throughout. The below reflects what we enjoyed but keep in mind that the menu and pairings change frequently and the selection of dishes we had are only available until the end of November.  

Snacks #1  

  • Best Snacks #1 Course: Pumpkin Cannoli 

Foie Gras Tartlet – pawpaw | bourbon 

  • Wine Pairing: Antica Torino Vermouth di Torino Dry from Piedmont, Italy  

  • Spirit-free Pairing: Gnista Cider 

Pumpkin Cannoli – smoked salmon | dill 

Sanguinaccio – smoked apple | mustard 

Lamb Tartare – panisse | apricot harrisa | egg yolk jam 

Img 8988
Foie Gras Tartlet
Img 8985
​Pumpkin Cannoli
Img 8990
Img 8991
​Lamb Tartare

Main Course

  • Best Main Course: Tortellini 

Day Boat Scallop – daikon | bottarga sabayon 

  • Wine Pairing: NV Louise Chéreau Vices & Vertus ‘Orgueil’ Brut from Loire Valley, France 

  • Spirit-free Pairing: Sakura Soda 

Stuffed Chicken Wing – Thai green curry | fish sauce caramel 

  • Wine Pairing: 2020 DMN Paul Blanck Classique Riesling from Alsace, France 

  • Spirit-free Pairing: Oaked Sarsaparilla 

BBQ Beets – beef chicharrón | cannellini 

  • with Milk Bread – Japanese sweet potato | fremented blackberry 

Tortellini – rabbit + leek confit | pickled ramps | truffle 

Duck – almond | czernina | king trumpet 

  • Wine Pairing: 2018 Weingut Weninger ‘Balf’ Kékfrankos from Transdanubia, Hungary 

  • Spirit-free Pairing: Cherry Shiitake 

Lamb – shiso | turnip 

  • with Sourdough – black garlic | caraway | matsutake + koji butter 

  • Wine Pairing: 2014 Hermanos Peciña Señorío de P. Peciña Reserva from Rioja, Spain 

  • Spirit-free Pairing: Vers-Eau 

Img 8994
Day Boat Scallop
Img 9003
​Stuffed Chicken Wing
Img 9011
Img 9012
Img 9017

Sweet Course

  • Best Sweet Course: Grape 

Black Raspberry and Cacao Nib Ice Cream Sandwich 

Bamboo Rice Pudding – fermented mango | pepita 

  • Wine Pairing: 2020 El Porvenir ‘Amauta Absoluto’ Torrontes Dulce from Salta, Argentina 

  • Spirit-free Pairing: Sungold Soda 

Grape – labneh | hazelnut | mugolio 

Img 9022
Black Raspberry and Cacao Nib Ice Cream Sandwich

Snacks #2 

  • Best Snacks #2 Course: Banana Foster Tartlet 

Strawberry – charred lavender | black kiwi 

Banana Foster Tartlet – fig miso | Thai banana 

Langue de Chat – mulled wine | orange bitters 

Gummy – kombucha | oolong | peach 

Img 9029
Img 9032
Banana Foster Tartlet
Img 9030
Langue de Chat
Img 9031

Elizabeth Restaurant is located at 4835 N Western Ave and is open Tuesday through Saturday, with seatings from 5:30-9 p.m. For table reservations, visit 


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