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Brunch American West Loop

If you have a brunch bucket list for restaurants around Chicago, make sure to add Haymarket Pub and Brewery to that list. Whether you are nursing a hangover or just getting the weekend started, the West Loop haunt is a one-stop-shop for all your weekend brunch needs! Below are a few of our go-to orders:  

The Chorizo Benedict ($13) is not your typical bennie. The savory dish starts with two of the best house made biscuits in the neighborhood supporting house chorizo, poached eggs, hollandaise and sliced jalapeño. A corned beef and potato hash is piled nicely by its side.  

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Pizza for breakfast? Yes, indeed! Have a slice (or more) of the Bacon and Potato ($13) brunch pizza and you won’t regret it. Garlic béchamel scatters across roasted golden potatoes, bacon, shaved red onion and a fried egg. Break open the egg yolk and spread it around for a perfect bite on each slice!   

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Offered as a side or full meal, the French Toast ($6/$11) cannot be missed. Thick slices of challah bread are egg battered and fried, drizzled with caramel sauce and paired with seasonal jelly and maple syrup.  

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Cure your hangover with other brunch specials like the Buttermilk-Cheddar Biscuit ($6) with spicy sausage country gravy on another yummy Haymarket biscuit; Chimichurri Fries ($8) topped with spicy mayo, a sunny side duck egg and cotija cheese; or keep it simple with the Omelet ($12) with a choice of 2 ingredients, toast and a pastrami potato hash.  

If you want to start or keep drinking, the pub has plenty of beers to pair with your favorite weekend meal thanks to award-winning brew master, Pete Crowley. Or have some creative fun with the Bloody Bar ($10), sip on a Mimosa ($9) or energize with a can of Cutwater Horchata Cold Brew ($10 for a 12oz can) featuring Fugu Vodka, cold brew coffee, cream liqueur, cinnamon and vanilla at 12.5% ABV.  

Haymarket Pub and Brewery is on the corner of Randolph and Halsted in the West Loop. The pub is open Sunday through Friday 11am-2am and Saturday 11am-3am. Brunch is served from 11am-3pm on the weekends.  


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