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Pricey Omakase Japanese Sushi West Loop

One brisk evening we sat down to try Momotaro's Omakase, or single bite tasting. It's a near infinite serving of the best of the best from an extensive sushi and izakaya menu. Ready to get hungry? Here's what happened:

We're starting light with a traditional Ogo Salad made from seaweed. This bodes well for us making through the entire omakase without tapping out.

Ogo Salad made from seaweed

And in case the first salad didn't cut it, the most elaborate Potato Salad ever.

The most elaborate Potato Salad ever

Moving into our first taste of fish with Momotaro's signature Aju Yakisugi which is cured Jack Mackerel smoked with 1000 year-old cypress, which seems really old, even for a tree.

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Momotaro's signature Aju Yakisugi

Now a beautiful Iwashi Isobemaki preparation. These sardines are not like the ones we order on our pizza.

Momotaro-1800x1200 0017 IMG 5318

The Madai Yubiki is typically served in Japan at special occasions, or in Chicago whenever.

Momotaro-1800x1200 0018 IMG 5321

Our first crustacean! The Botan Ebi Ikura Donburi is a prawn with some Salmon Roe accoutrement.

Momotaro-1800x1200 0012 IMG 5324

Now we're cookin'! Everybody loves fatty Ootoro. This is the good stuff right here.

Momotaro-1800x1200 0011 IMG 5327

And the follow up Akazaebi Kobujime is another delicious shrimp. We're starting to get full…

Momotaro-1800x1200 0010 IMG 5329

A breather with the Momotaro Zuke, which kind of looks like sashimi but is actually a soy marinated tomato.

Momotaro-1800x1200 0019 IMG 5331

Right back into it with a charcoal-grilled Angel Prawn served with Akakosho sauce.

Momotaro-1800x1200 0009 IMG 5332

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We have't had Botan Candy since childhood! You eat the wrapper, and it brings back some serious memories.

Momotaro-1800x1200 0008 IMG 5339

Nostalgia time over. Tenkoburi is served and eaten.

Momotaro-1800x1200 0021 IMG 5341

Momotaro Tartare is presented with these cute wooden spoons, which also smile at you in the right light. We're making jokes at this point because we're beyond full and somewhat delirious.

Momotaro-1800x1200 0022 IMG 5344

Next up a Mizudako, or octopus, preparation with plum sauce.

Momotaro-1800x1200 0007 IMG 5346

A classic favorite, the Bonito Tataki has ponzu and ginger to bring out the robust flavor.

Momotaro-1800x1200 0006 IMG 5347

The seared Kurosawa Saba Megamaki looks beautiful and tastes even better.

Momotaro-1800x1200 0023 IMG 5350

Here's a traditional Honmaguro Zuke, or bluefin tuna.

Momotaro-1800x1200 0024 IMG 5351

Followed by Hawaiian Amberjack, on the menu as Kanpachi.

Momotaro-1800x1200 0002 IMG 5353

Now Koika, or baby squid, makes an appearance.

Momotaro-1800x1200 0025 IMG 5356

The Mategai is a razor clam served with plum paste. We don't see this in Chicago very often because it needs to be super fresh.

Momotaro-1800x1200 0001 IMG 5366

Another prawn preparation shows up in the Tenshi Ebi.

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Momotaro-1800x1200 0003 IMG 5360

Momotaro's version of tuna on crispy rice is the Negi Hama, and it's perfect.

Momotaro-1800x1200 0004 IMG 5358

The first chicken dish is the Tsukune and Quail Egg. Meat on a stick is fine by us.

Momotaro-1800x1200 0026 IMG 5365

The second cooked item in a row is Unagi! This eel is done perfectly, but we're really, really, really full at this point.

Momotaro-1800x1200 0000 IMG 5369

A5 Miyazaki Wagyu. We can't believe we made it this far, but it was all worth it. This is the real deal folks. Once you taste A5 wagyu you'll understand why you ate the equivalent of seven meals to get here.

Momotaro-1800x1200 0027 IMG 5374

In Japan, dessert is typically a simple affair. This super cute Japanese Baby Peach on that wooden spoon is all we can handle anyway, but it's the perfect end to one of the most decadent meals we've ever had.

Momotaro-1800x1200 0028 IMG 5375

Omakase dining is a Japanese tradition. Eating one simple piece of beautifully prepared food until you tap out is an experience no Chicagoan should miss.


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