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Tasty Value Small Seat Polish Humboldt Park

Have a craving for peirogi (or perogi, pierogy, perogy, pierógi, pyrohy, pirogi, pyrogie and pyrogy)? The folks that started the famous Pierogi Wagon have settled in Humboldt Park. Ready to sit down and dig in?

The first thing you'll notice is the relatively simple menu. Not too many selections here, which can be a good thing. Decisions... Booooooooo. The next thing you'll notice are the prices. Meals for under $10. Score.

Polak Eatery Hostess Stand
A welcoming smile and the full menu for your (affordable) ordering pleasure

Let's start with the sweet. A plate of sweet cheese pierogi drizzled in a fruity sauce.

Polak Eatery sweet cheese pierogi

And another, slightly more artistic shot of the sweetness.

Polak Eatery sweet cheese pierogi macro

Keeping the pierogi party poppin' with cheddar golden cooked goodness.

Polak Eatery cheddar pierogi
Savory cheddar pierogi all in a row

"Polak Eatery is the home of the Pierogi Wagon Food Truck and a culinary incubator for modern polish eats."

Moving on to the serious Polak Eatery breakfast: Half a kielbasa, two eggs and a couple more cheddar pierogi thrown in for good measure.

Polak Eatery sausage breakfast
The serious stuff. All this for $6!

Come hungry, leave satisfied. That's what the quaint Humboldt Park-based Polak Eatery is all about.


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