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Dessert Thai Lakeview


As the weather finally heats up in Chicago, you're probably on the hunt for fun new foods to match warmer climes.

And we happen to know of a Thai solution to the chill challenge...

Dsc 9910
Scraping freshly-frozen ice cream from the cold "wok"

Now open in Lakeview, Okashi serves Thai ice cream with a distinct Chicago twist. If haven't tasted the chilly treat invented in Thailand and now served the world over, it's time to get it on the list! We visited Okashi at 820 West Belmont to learn a bit more about what makes their process unique.

Dsc 0097
Scraped Thai ice cream shows a signature swirl pattern

The process of making Thai ice cream is simple: Milk is poured onto a steel plate chilled to below freezing, and then scraped together with ingredients as it crystalized. Ice cream and a show? Sign us up. The resulting tube-shaped scoops are placed in a freshly made taco-style waffle cone. 

Dsc 0198
Okashi's signature waffle cone tacos put a new spin on Thai ice cream

Thai ice cream generally has a fresh, creamy texture that feels indulgent without going overboard. That's from it's heritage as popular treat in Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and the Philippines, where it is often sold by street vendors on hot days. At Okashi, part of the experience is adding unique toppings, like a freshly torched marshmallow and sprinkles.

Dsc 9926
Torching a marshmallow!

If waffle tacos aren't your thing, cups are also available. We recommend going for the home-made waffle - in either taco or cone form - for the added flavor and fun. 

Dsc 9947
The S'mores Cup

There are some standout must try flavors, including the Oreo Mint Cone, Peanut Butter Vanilla Taco, and S'mores Cup.

Dsc 0120
A ready-to-eat Oreo Mint Cone

Okashi opens early afternoon through evening year round, and prices start at $6.25 for a basic Thai ice cream treat.


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