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Chicago based, Tempo Tea, has revamped their brand of teas in the second half of 2018 and it is something to get excited about!

Over the past several months, the Tempo team has refined the value their tea brings to consumers. The micro-dosing of caffeine that their teas provide was enhanced with the tweaking of flavors and ingredients with a refresh on the brand and packaging.

The new and improved packaging steps away from the original glass bottles and towards more eco-friendly aluminum cans. The three recently added flavors to their arsenal even include a caffeine free option:

-Black Tea with Blood Orange and Ginseng

-Matcha with Rasperry and Lime

-Caffeine Free Rooibos Tea with Hibiscus and Strawberry

Don’t worry though, loyal Tempo fans can still get the old flavors they know and love!

Check your local retailer for the new flavors or order online at here.

While staying true to their sustainability and values, the team at Tempo continues to find new ways to help the environment and allow their consumers to give back as well. That is why they have introduced their tea subscription service in conjunction with their partner cause, Beneath the Waves. The environmental cause works to make a positive impact on the state of our oceans, beginning with the conservation of sharks. For a monthly flat rate of $24 with free shipping, consumers can purchase a 12-pack of their choice of flavor and feel good about where their money is going. Portions of each subscription directly benefit Beneath the Waves and subscribers will get monthly updates from Tempo about how their contribution has made a difference for the oceanic ecosystems.


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