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Mother's Day Sushi

RA Sushi Bar Restaurant wants Chicagoans to roll up their shirtsleeves and their dinner alongside mom in celebration of Mother’s Day.

Guests who treat their mom to RA Sushi’s Mother’s Day Sushi & Sake 101 class will enjoy an evening together while learning sushi rolling and sake basics. Mother’s Day Sushi & Sake 101 takes place on Wednesday, May 9 at 8 p.m. at RA Sushi’s Glenview and Lombard locations.

“Taking mom out to eat is a long-standing Mother’s Day tradition,” said Jeannie Means, RA Sushi’s vice president of marketing. “We also know the gift of quality time with her children is highest on a mother’s wish list, so we’re offering an evening that combines the two into one great event. To sweeten the experience, we promise to clean up and do the dishes.”

At Mother’s Day Sushi & Sake 101, RA Sushi's culinary team will teach participants about sushi and sushi rice, and guide them in making a California roll, a Tootsy Maki roll and Nigiri style sushi. Then guests will have the chance to taste three different types of sake and learn how sake is brewed. The event includes a sushi rolling lesson, sake flight pairings, a non-alcoholic beverage, edamame, and miso soup. RA Sushi experts will also serve up sushi-making tips and sushi and sake terminology. Mother’s Day Sushi & Sake 101 costs $40 per person with sake and $35 without, and advance reservations are required.

RA Sushi suggests reservations for in-restaurant dining on or around Mother’s Day, May 13. Guests who miss the sushi rolling class can still enjoy a meal out with mom and take advantage of a gift card promotion whereby individuals who purchase $50 in gift cards by May 13 get an additional $10 promotional card to be used at a later date (May 14-June 17). 

RA Sushi is located at Yorktown Shopping Center in Lombard and the Glentown Center in Glenview. 


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