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National Lobster Day is Tuesday, September 25th and Chicago Food Magazine has your guide to the best restaurants to grab those crazy crustaceans. However not all lobsters are created equal. What you want to seek out is the sweet, sustainable lobster sourced from Maine.

Why Maine lobster? The crustaceans that are sourced from Maine are not only the sweetest but also the most sustainable lobster on earth. Right now, the lobster industry is in its peak season as the lobsters shed their shells revealing a new, softer shell. The result is Maine New Shell Lobster- a sweeter, more delicate meat. The fishing practices are sustainable in order to keep the fishery healthy so lobstermen can continue to trap year after year.

Not every place will have Maine lobster but below are places to celebrate and indulge for National Lobster Day with preparations in every way, shape and form.

If you are seeking out the freshest lobster in the city, look no further than these seafood joints that serve their Maine Lobster whole or tail:

King Crab House Chicago (1816 N Halsted)- 1.5lbs of Whole Maine Lobster is served two ways: Steamed ($31.95) or Stuffed with Crab and Shrimp ($37.95). Two, 6oz Lobster Tails are also an option ($35.95). All three options include a choice of baked potato, French fries, broccoli, snow or snap pea pods on the side.

Shaw’s Crab House (21 E Hubbard St and in Schaumburg)- Five pounds of whole Maine lobster ($170) served tableside with a choice of mixed green or Caesar salad, drawn butter, au gratin potato and creamed spinach. This big boy is recommended for two people to share. Or for the selfish lobster eaters, there is a 1.5lb option for $56 as well as the Broiled Twin Lobster Tails at 8 ounces each for $74, both served with drawn butter. Shaw’s also features their Maine lobster in Lobster Tacos ($19), Fettuccine ($36), Bisque ($7 cup/10 bowl), Maki ($16) and in several of their combo platters.

GT Fish & Oyster (531 N Wells St)- One pound of lobster for $40 or featured in the Seafood Tower ($125). Guiseppe Tentori’s seafood menu also features a Maine Lobster Roll at market price with fried onion and pickled veggies.

Everest (425 S Financial Place)- The Everest Roast Maine Lobster is a dish upon which Everest claims they have built their reputation. It is served in an Alsace Gewurztraminer Butter and GingerCreated in 1987. For starters, there is a Minute of Chilled Maine Lobster in Michigan Corn Soup with Brioche Croutons.

Cité (505 N Lake Shore Drive)- Lobster with a view on the 70th floor of the Lake Point Tower. Soak in the skyline as your market price Lobster Tail soaks in butter gnocchi and herbs or add one on to any main course.

Devon Seafood Grill (39 E Chicago Ave)- This regional chain offers plenty of cold water lobster options on their sea-centric menu. An 8oz lobster tail can be ordered by itself ($39), part of a surf and turf dish or as part of Devon’s $39 3-course prix-fixe menu (what a deal!). Their Maine Lobster Bisque ($10) and Mini Lobster Rolls with butter-toasted rolls served with paprika fries are also options as appetizers.

The Angry Crab (5665 N Lincoln Ave and 1308 N Milwaukee Ave)- Independently owned Angry Crab boasts a whole 1-3lb Maine lobster (MP) to crack along with a 4oz tail or claws by the pound. For cleaner eating there is a lobster roll ($18) as an appetizer served with fries or steamed rice. A unique thing about The Angry Crab is that they GRILL their seafood. Their 4oz lobster tail ($20) is char-grilled and finished with their Cajun and lemon pepper seasoning and served with veggies over a bed of rice. Try something prepared a little bit different during your Tour-de-Lobster on Tuesday.

Eddie V’s Prime Seafood (521 N Rush St)- Depending on what you order at Eddie V’s, the lobster will come from two different places. Their Cold Water Lobster Tails are sourced from South Africa and served with drawn butter and lemon. They are featured as a main dish ($89) or as part of the 8oz Filet Mignon surf and turf ($87). Or add on to any steak for $45. In the Shellfish Platters, tacos, bisque and mashed potatoes, guests can enjoy Maine lobster.

Wentworth Seafood House (2229 S Wentworth Ave)- Head down to Chinatown to get your lobster Cantonese style. At affordable prices guests can get their lobster seven ways: whole, steamed with soy sauce, steamed with garlic vermicelli, golden egg yolk wrapped, Hong Kong style, salt and pepper or with ginger and onion. Our pick would be Wentworth’s famous Hong Kong Style. Stir-fried lobster with classic xo sauce and hot pepper seasoned with garlic, ginger, onion, shredded pork, baby shrimp and dried scallop ($24).

Don’t want to come face-to-face with your lobster? These places have Maine lobster incorporated into their dishes so you can still enjoy the flavor without the mess:

Bellemore (564 W Randolph St)- Executive Chef Jimmy Papadopoulos LOVES Maine lobster. In fact, he spent part of his summer learning how to haul traps and properly cook lobster the Maine way. Just in time for National Lobster Day, Bellemore is currently featuring a lunch special of Maine New Shell Lobster Roll. The roll is an ode to Steve Kingston’s version, the owner of the famous Clam Shack in Kennebunkport, Maine and the man Chef Jimmy spent his time with during his visit this summer. A toasted Hawaiian roll sandwiches claw meat and is slathered in mayo, butter and lemon. With any luck, diners will be able to enjoy this well after Tuesday!

Luke’s Lobster (City Hall and Merchandise Mart)- a 1/4lb of chilled, wild-caught lobster in a split top bun with melted lemon butter, mayo, and secret seasoning ($17). Also an option to add to Luke’s salads for an upcharge of $13 or a split lobster tail for $10 OR for $5 add a ½ lobster tail to any meal.

Da Lobster (500 W Diversey PKWY, 416 N Clark St, Chicao French Market and Mobile Food Truck)- Da Lobsta provides lobster lovers with tons of roll options to choose from. Six-inch rolls include the Lobster Roll ($17)-a New England style bun toasted in garlic butter filled with tarragon mayo, shredded lettuce, knuckle and claw lobster meat, topped with garlic butter, special seasonings and scallions. The six-inch Lobster Giardiniera ($17) is filled with sriracha mayo, lettuce, lobster meat and topped with giardiniera peppers and garlic butter. Both are also available as a 12-inch roll. For more love (and money) try a 12-inch with a half ($36) or full ($59) pound of meat. Lobster is everything at Da Lobster (hence the name) so it’s in everything including their BLT, Mac & Cheese and Grilled Cheese.

Wakamono (3313 N Broadway)- Maine lobster makes an appearance in Wakamono’s Mini Lobster sliders with spicy buttered toast ($16). The meat can be savored in a few of their sushi rolls as well as with the Iron Chef House Yakisoba ($26) with teppanyaki grilled noodles, pork belly and chicken.

Peter Wynn Thompson Ap Images For Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative1
Maine New Shell Lobster Roll at Bellemore Photo Courtesy of Peter Wynn Thompson

Fish Bar (2956 N Sheffield Ave)- This lobster roll is topped with celery mayo and spicy slaw and served with salt & vinegar chips. Also served as a club as part of a slider option and in their bisque with roasted corn, red Thai curry and grilled scallion.

Beacon Tavern (405 N Wabash Ave)- Love fritters? You’ll love them even more with Maine Lobster in them! Beacon’s Lobster and Corn Fritters ($18) are topped with green Tobasco aioli and served with bread and butter pickles.

RPM Italian (52 W Illinois St) – Get your Maine lobster in some delicious RPM pasta dishes including the Lobster Fra Diavolo ($42) with Angel Hair spaghetti and spicy pepperoncini or the Maine Lobster Ravioli ($18) made with spinach pasta and topped with chili flakes. Make it a triple threat with the Lobster Caprese ($18) as an appetizer with buffalo mozzarella and basil.

Brindille (534 N Clark St)- This delectable dish has 1.5lbs of Maine Lobster poached in a nage of butter served with savoy cabbage, chervil and lettuce leaves, roasted zucchini, gold bar squash, broccoli and summer tomatoes ($49). This entrée is featured on Brindille’s late summer menu so let’s hope a version of it continues through to their autumn line-up.

S.K.Y. (1239 W 18th St)- Maine Lobster Dumplings ($16) with jade butter and soft herbs highlight the appetizer portion of the menu at this Pilsen hotspot.


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