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Just when you're about to buy a one-way ticket to Miami, you discover this.

Howells & Hood is paying tribute to warm, seasonal comfort food and one of Chicago's favorite pastimes: beer. These events are held in a large private dining area towards the back of the restaurant (look out for the next event on our Twitter feed) and feature buffet-style servings paired with beer designed to complement each dish.

The events are all you can eat, and last for a few hours so you'll want to show up with plenty of room to spare. Let's get into it...

We start out with a colorful mix of squash with olives and feta in a light curry sauce. Beer pairing: Bigfoot 2012.

Howells and Hood
Turban squash with red curry, Israeli couscous, San Marsano tomato, Greek olives and feta

Howells & Hood pays homage to John Howells and Raymond Hood, architects of the Neo-Gothic Tribune Tower.

Next up a beautiful black truffle caught our eye. We're hoping this isn't just an expensive decoration...

Howells and Hood truffle
Whole black truffle!

Nope! The truffle is shaved over a sweet potato galette, which makes for a mouthwatering visual. Beer pairing: Bigfoot 2011.

Howells and Hood
Australian truffle and sweet potato galette with wild mushroom and Porter Burton's maple glaze

This venison sausage includes pork belly and an assortment of seasonal veggies. The veggies are not the thing to focus on here. Beer pairing: Bigfoot 2013.

Howells and Hood
Venison sausage with pork belly, wild rice, parsnips, carrots and barleywine gastrique

Entering the carving station, which really should be called carving station s because we're about to go on a tour de game meat beginning with a wild boar slathered in black mole sauce. Beer pairing for the carving station: Bigfoot 2014.

Howells and Hood wild boar with black mole
Wild boar with black mole

Next in line on the carving station is lamb with a juniper demi sauce.

Howells and Hood
Lamb with juniper demi

Rounding out the carving station is a porcelet with a sweet maple glaze. If you made it this far you're definitely getting your money's worth (the entire event is a $60 ticket).

Howells and Hood
Porcelet with Porter Burton's maple glaze

One more shot of that beautiful porcelet to round out the night.

Howells and Hood
Just because... #foodporn


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