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Your memories might be hazy but it is a feeling you will never forget. A weekend night, parents in a rush, a TV tray (a little too tall for it's own good) and a TV dinner in the oven with your name on it. The Brass Monkey, a new retro-themed eatery in the West Loop area, hopes to recreate that nostalgic feeling for you. Whether it be modern riffs on classic American dishes or all the hits straight from the 1970s, you may have a tough time remembering just how old you are. So tag a long as we take a quick trip through the menu:

The Cheese Ball is a taste of childhood, the all-purpose snack which took only moments to make and was gone even quicker. The Brass Monkey modernizes this classic with a combo of cheeses, balled up and and served with red-pepper jelly and Ritz crackers.

brass monkey 0007 BM CheeseBall
The Cheese Ball, get in there! Photo courtesy of the Brass Monkey.

Up next are the Fish Styx and they are definitely not straight from your grocer's freezer. These sticks feature battered and fried fresh Icelandic cod with a crunchy panko breading. Make sure to squeeze that lemon and dip these fritters in the house-made tartar sauce.

brass monkey 0006 BM FishStyx
Fish Styx. Photo courtesy of the Brass Monkey.

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Frozen french bread pizzas were once all the rage; toss one in the oven and 40 minutes later a molten log of cheese and sauce appeared. With such inspiration in mind, The Brass Monkey features a variety of pizzas, including this one with truffle mushroom cream, roasted mushrooms and arugula.

"the Fish Styx...are definitely not straight from your grocer's freezer."

Of the appetizer choices, the Spanish Calamari offer up something old and something new, featuring wild boar sausage, roasted tomato sauce and chickpea relish.

brass monkey 0000 BM SpanishCalamari
Spanish Calamari. Photo courtesy of the Brass Monkey.

Sloppy Joe's are never a bad thing and The Brass Monkey seems to agree, offering sloppy joe sliders made from ground lamb, served with tangy bbq, sweet-dill pickles and fried onions.

brass monkey 0002 BM SloppyJoe
Sloppy Joe Sliders. Photo courtesy of the Brass Monkey.

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The moment we have all been waiting for, the TV Dinner features shortrib meatloaf with house made A1 glaze, mashed potatoes, cream corn and peas. Enough said.

brass monkey 0008 BM -TVDinner
All the good stuff in TV Dinner form. Photo courtesy of the Brass Monkey.

TV dinners always included an interesting take on dessert, typically a brownie, overcooked yet surprisingly delicious. The Brass Monkey reminds you we might be kids at heart but we should expect more from our adult treats. The S'mores does just that with graham cracker brownie, cinnamon gelato, toasted marshmallows and chocolate sauce.

brass monkey 0001 BM Smores
Get your dessert on with S'mores! Photo courtesy of the Brass Monkey.


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