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Instagrammable Dessert

We're super sorry to do this to you, but we had to blow up your efforts to avoid sweets and stick to cold-pressed broccoli water. Doughnuts are as much a part of Chicago life as Sorel snow boots and Canada Goose parkas. Now, bask in the awesomeness that is #doughnutlife.

It's good to be basic when you're a chocolate-covered doughnut. It just works at Do-Rite Donuts.

Mindy Segal is known for a lot of things, but when the James Beard Foundation award winner for Outstanding Pastry Chef makes a doughnut at Hot Chocolate, we pay attention.

Here we have Glazed and Infuzed practically inciting an office uprising for more delicious loops of batter. Fight the power!

We were once chastised for making a post on Facebook and leaving out Stan's. Never again.

West Loop brunchery Nellcôte received a lot of buzz in the past year. Their foray into doughnuts should not be missed.

You're probably thinking, "These pics are great, but how can I combine doughnuts with other, normal meals?" Answers from Poag Mahone's:

Vera offers up a special weekday menu addition with a distinct Euro vibe.

Get 'em while they're hot, because they won't last long. Doughnut Vault has only been getting more popular. You might have better odds of snagging the goods during colder months when only the heartiest of souls dare wait in line.

Fritz offers a wide variety of pastries and other goodies, but who cares because DOUGHNUTS!

Firecakes artisanal donuts have been a River North staple since opening. Enjoy!

Clearly Chicago can't get enough doughy goodness. Did we miss your favorite spot? Let us know by commenting below!


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