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Another Donut Fest draws to a close, leaving hundreds of Chicagoans in a doughy stupor. Missed the fun? Fear not intrepid eater, we've got the photo highlights.

We're starting out with something unqiue: Scafuri Bakery brings Taylor Street Italian goodness to the masses with a tiramisu bombolini.

Scafuri Bakery donut
Tiramisu-filled yeast raised donut with espresso glaze and cocoa powder

Next up is an impressive presentation from Goddess and Grocer.

Goddess and Grocer Donut
Red velvet donuts stacked to the ceiling

Stan's Donuts brings a classic chocolate-dipped delight to the table.

Stan's Donuts glazed chocolate
Glazed chocolate combo donuts

While it's not strictly a donut, Swedish Bakery brought the Fat Tuesday cake to the party.

Swedish Bakery Fat Tuesday cake
Mardis Gras at Donut Fest!

Here's the real entry from Swedish Bakery: an eclair-style delight with fruity filling.

Swedish Bakery eclair
Chocolatey-fruity-creamy eclair-ish concoction

Sweet Cakes Bakery shared their cakey contribution in donut-pop format

Sweet Cakes Bakery donut pop
Donuts on a stick? Yes we can!

Glazed and Infused brings some color to the fight with these beauties.

Glazed and Infused donuts
Red hot...

"This is a fun fest to raise money for charity one day out of the year. We believe in healthy eating and moderation. Treat yo' self." - Donut Fest

Finally, Firecakes convinced us to try their classic vanilla glaze with the crunch we love.

Firecakes vanilla donut
When vanilla isn't really vanilla at all.

We didn't get everything on camera! Tell us your favorite from the fest. Have a tweet or Insta that you think should be included? Share in the comments below and we'll pick it up.


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