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Let's recap another hungry year in Chicago with these mouthwatering pics on Instagram. Here's our top five for 2017!

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#5 - Coalfire

If there is a reoccurring theme in 2017's list, Chicagoans love pizza and pasta. And who can blame them. Coalfire delivers the Instagram worthy goods time and time again. The Pepperoni Pizza with Whipped Ricotta is as breathtaking as the first time you saw it scroll through your feed. We're off to a good start!

#4 - ZED451

Cheese, cheese and more cheese! ZED451 has cooked up a mouthwatering side dish that stood strong all year long. This River North restaurant focuses on fire-grilled fare but this mac and cheese dish kept hungry Chicago fingers flying and secured a top spot in our list with gooey shells filled with cheesey goodness. 

#3 - Giant 

Chef Jason Vincent and the fine folks at Logan Square's Giant know a thing or two about crafting stand-on-your-chair style, Instagram worthy dishes (though we highly suggest you never do such a thing!). This past November we sat down and dug into dish after dish after dish. The Double Ravioli was not only a winner taste wise but lit up our Instagram feed like nobody's business! If we can ever snag a reservation again, this pasta dish will no doubt cause double trouble with our team.

#2 - Pequod's Pizza

Okay, we know. You never eat Chicago style deep dish pizza, you only treat your out of town guests with one of Chicago's signature dishes. Whether that is true or not (we're guessing not), there is no doubt every time Pequod's hits your IG feed you can't like it fast enough! This classic deep-dish pie with caramelized crust is a hit no matter if you're visiting or not. If we could suffice on pizza alone, this might just be the one!

#1 - Formento's 

And the moment you've been waiting for! We posted drool-worthy IG pics all year; you liked some more than others and all your comments were appreciated on what you wanted to see next. But when we dropped this post late in the year, our notifications went wild! Formento's in the West Loop is old school, Italian and CFM approved. We love this place. And admittedly, we're excited it topped our list for 2017. Pasta with an egg - there is maybe no better combination on earth. Formento's Bucatini Carbonara combines pancetta and black pepper into a gooey sauce, topped with an egg yolk so enticing you couldn't help but to like it! 


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