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Brunch New Menu Barbecue Lakeview

Q-BBQ has been creating regionally inspired BBQ and comfort food sides from their three Chicagoland locations; smoking their meat low and slow for up to 22 hours. They've recently begun weekend brunch service at their Lakeview location, focusing on meaty mains with eggs and classic sides turned into sweeter brunch staples. We recently stopped by and photographed the evidence:

We started out with the Q-Tine, a BBQ Poutine of potato fries topped with brisket gravy, spicy sausage, cheese and eggs.

IMG 6025
Hand-cut fries topped with all the good stuff!

Up next, Q-BBQ's riff on the southern staple, Chicken and Waffles. Hickory smoked bacon is always a nice touch.

IMG 6035
Buttermilk waffle topped with fried chicken, bacon, mashed potatoes and smoked syrup

We had quite a brunch feast on our hands at Q-BBQ

The Burnt End Hash is 24-hour smoked burnt ends with potatoes, red onion, fried brussels sprouts, roasted corn, black beans AND topped with 2 eggs, any way you'd like them.

q bbq 0004 IMG 4570
If this is what barbeque and brunch is all about, we give in! Photo credit: Kat Levitt @agirlandherfood_

Up next, the Cornbread French Toast, a southern inspired take with thick cut cornbread topped with smoked syrup and bacon.

q bbq 0000 IMG 4587
Cornbread French Toast. Photo credit: Kat Levitt @agirlandherfood_

The Brisket and Eggs are simple and just what you need. 22-hour smoked brisket with 2 eggs over easy and served with brunch fries.

q bbq 0000 IMG 4601
Brisket and Eggs with Brunch Fries. Photo credit: Kat Levitt @agirlandherfood_

Breakfast tacos are never a bad thing and Q-BBQ drops spicy pulled pork on to corn tortillas and brings the heat with eggs, black beans, jalapenos and corn #tacosrule

q bbq 0001 IMG 4595
Spicy Pork Tacos! Photo credit: Kat Levitt @agirlandherfood_

And to finish our brunch off before another much needed weekend nap, Q-BBQ offers a selection of Brunch Sandwiches with a choice of smoked meat on a brioche bun and topped with an egg. First up was the Pulled Pork Sandwich with Gouda:

q bbq 0001 IMG 4584
Pulled Pork Sandwich with Gouda. Photo credit: Kat Levitt @agirlandherfood_

And we couldn't forget the Burnt End Sandwich with Mozzarella.

q bbq 0002 IMG 4586
Burnt Ends. Mozzarella. Good night! Photo credit: Kat Levitt @agirlandherfood_


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