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Restaurant Week American Noble Square

Restaurant Week in Chicago is a big deal. It's such a big deal that it lasts more than a week! This year, Ada Street, which is tucked into a sleepy corner of Noble Square, crafted a Restaurant Week menu inspired by one of the biggest meals of all, your last meal. And specifically, the famous last meals of some well-known and rather obscure criminals. Join us as we eat our way through and live to talk about it.

But first, a quick snack. Before we jump into the prix fixe menu an Ada Street staple, the crispy Black Eyed Peas.

Ada-Street 0010 IMG 6237
Crispy Black Eyed Peas

Pepperoni or sausage on pizza always has us feeling comfortable, Ada Street riffs on this comfort food classic with a merquez sausage flatbread with cheese and spicy piquillo pepper sauce. This one packs the heat!

Ada-Street 0009 IMG 6238
Flatbread with housemade merquez sausage, beecher's flagship cheese and piquillo pepper sauce

If you've read In Cold Blood, this next dish takes inspiration from a few of its rather unsavory characters. Shrimp and grits with a touch of wasabi.

Ada-Street 0008 IMG 6241
Grilled head-on argentinian red shrimp with creamy grits, chipotle butter and micro wasabi

Next up is the Ada Street Original Recipe Fried Chicken with a house buttermilk biscuit, strawberry jam and potato puree.

Ada-Street 0005 IMG 6250
Fried chicken with mashed potatoes #yum

Steak and eggs have been served in prisons for years, right? No matter, this take on the classic breakfast dish uses wagyu hanger steak and teams it with purple potato rosti and an egg soft-boiled at 63 degrees!

Ada-Street 0006 IMG 6248
Steak & eggs

Did we mention Ada Street offerings optional wine pairings for the entire meal? After our third glass of vino, this roasted pork loin with corn pudding and pickled red onion hits the spot!

Ada-Street 0003 IMG 6255
Roasted pork loin with corn pudding

No trip to Ada Street is complete without two things: playing vinyl records from their vast collection during dinner and the tagliatelle with mushroom ragout.

Ada-Street 0004 IMG 6252
Handcut tagliatelle with mushroom ragut and parmigiano reggiano

We're full but dessert is calling, trying to pick just one has its drawbacks, so we pick two! Up first is chocolate ice cream with micro mint lavender.

Ada-Street 0000 IMG 6267
Jeni's Splendid dark chocolate ice cream with micro mint lavender

And finally, the brown butter cake with chantilly cream and warm cherry compote.

Ada-Street 0001 IMG 6262
Brown butter cake

Want the full scoop on the menu and the criminals responsible for such inspiration?


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