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Restaurant Week American Noble Square

It's that time of year again - Chicago Restaurant Week. A fortnight full of special menus, prix fixe tastings and multi-course morsels. After last year's themed menu inspired by famous last meals, Ada Street gets their inner-rockstar on with a spread influenced by Famous Concert Rider Requests. They say food is music to the body, so we did our best Springsteen - sat down for a marathon meal, queued up the vinyl and poured some red red wine. Here's what we saw!

The Beach Boys might be kings of surf rock (Kokomo anyone?) and slick vocal harmonies but little did we know they demanded 25 peeled shrimp of the "highest quality" with sliced avocados before every show. Ada Street's surfin' safari includes shrimp cakes with avocado crema and alfalfa sprouts.

ada st crw2016 0002 Shrimp Cake Ada CRW
Shrimp Cakes with Avocado Crema and Alfalfa Sprouts. Photo credit: Lindsey Becker

Up next, Chef Joanna Stachon and crew pay homage to the growling guitar tones of ZZ Top. The bearded rockers had specific instructions on how they liked their tomato soup before a gig - hot, red and righteous. The Creamy Tomato soup with fried basil and Tabasco sauce is our reward!

ada st crw2016 0000 Tomato Soup Ada CRW
Creamy Tomato Soup with Fried Basil and Tabasco. Photo credit: Lindsey Becker

Oh my golly! A riff on The Pixies' demands for a cheese plate (to include Le Roule) "flavored with fresh herbs", has Ada Street rolling out a Le Roule Cheese Flatbread with giardiniera and herb salad.

ada st crw2016 0003 Flatbread Ada CRW
Le Roule Cheese Flatbread with Giardiniera and Herb Salad. Photo credit: Lindsey Becker

We finally made it through the opening act! Time for a quick wine run before the headliners. Each of these dishes were inspired by some of the biggest names in rock during the 1970s. First up, Aerosmith. The beantown rockers adamantly stated "NO processed meat or cheese under any circumstance" backstage. Talk about livin' on the edge, Steven Tyler and crew also demanded Chicken Tikka Masala for every show. The Ada Street rendition is in pie form with yogurt & mint sauce and medjool dates.

ada st crw2016 0005 Chicken-Tikka-Pie Ada CRW
Chicken Tikka Masala Pie with Yogurt & Mint Sauce and Medjool Dates. Photo credit: Lindsey Becker

Next, a teriyaki ribeye with baby bok choy and wasabi butter. The band Rush were evidently keen on local restaurants while touring and asked for three local take-out menus in each city, always to include Japanese, Thai and Chicken & Seafood. On the other hand, Paul McCartney had specific instructions that "any and all catering...shall be totally vegetarian" and include a bouquet of their favorite flowers. Ada Street answers Mac's request with a Housemade Tagliatelle with smoked kabocha squash and hedgehog mushrooms.

ada st crw2016 0006 Chicago-Restaurant-Week-Steak
Teriyaki Ribeye with Baby Bok Choy and Wasabi Butter. Photo credit: Lindsey Becker
ada st crw2016 0001 Tagliatelle Pasta Ada CRW
Housemade Tagliatelle with Smoked Kabocha Squash and Hedgehog Mushrooms. Photo credit: Lindsey Becker

Our legs are tired from standing and we're horse after singing along all night but we're stomping our feet for an encore! Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters are known for having one of the longest and most absurd tour riders ever, check it out here. The Foos dig a surprise egg and Ada Street delivers a dessert version with the Chocolate "Surprise" Egg - panna cotta with passionfruit.

ada st crw2016 0004 Chocolate Surprise Egg Ada CRW
Chocolate "Surprise" Egg. Photo credit: Lindsey Becker

The last song of the night is courtesy of the Purple One. Prince demanded green tea before every show along with a doctor on standby for a quick B-12 pick-me-up shot. Ada Street has got the look with a Green Tea Ice Cream with honey whipped cream and "a shot" of caramel syrup. A standing ovation all-around. It's time to go home!

Chicago Restaurant Week runs from January 22nd through February 4th, 2016.

ada st crw2016 0007 12082015 Ada Green Tea Caramel RW003-2
Green Tea Ice Cream with Honey Whipped Cream and Caramel Syrup. Photo credit: Lindsey Becker


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