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Food Contest Barbecue Wrigleyville

Wrigley BBQ is putting Chicagoan’s hunger to the test with The Sam & Erna Slammer. Not for the faint of heart, this food contest challenges BBQ fans to chow down on three Wrigley BBQ Sam & Erna Sandwiches, a full basket of fries and a side order of mac & cheese…within 30 minutes.

Sam & Erna Sandwiches are Wrigley BBQ’s signature BBQ between-bun creation combining brisket and pulled pork, and topped with coleslaw. Prizes for completing the challenge include: 1) meal for free; 2) a $50 gift certificate to Wrigley BBQ; 3) an official Wrigley BBQ t-shirt and hat; and 4) picture on the Wall of Fame.

This challenge will be available for any diner every day of the week. Best of luck!


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