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With beginnings as a Chicago neighborhood sustainable seafood shop (Wixter Market), Wixter Seafood is set to bring their product to other parts of the country.

Founder and Chicago native Matt Mixter started Wixter Market as a passion project after witnessing the extreme amounts of unnecessary waste and cost associated with the industry’s standard approach. Built on an commitment to quality and sustainability through honesty and transparency, Wixter Seafood, a sustainable brand from end too end, will soon reach hundreds of frozen aisles in grocery stores across the country.

As of this May, Fortune Fish & Gourmet is the first distribution partner to launch Wixter Seafood -- making it available to hundreds of grocers and retailers in the Midwest, starting with Local Foods, Standard Market and Olivia’s Market. Wixter Seafood will also make its way to the Northeast in Wegmans Food Markets next month. Below are some examples of the products that will be available:
● Norweigan Salmon
● Ecuadorian Mahi-Mahi
● New Zealand Mussel Meat
● Alaskan Halibut
● American Shrimp and Scallops
● New Zealand Orange Roughy

Stemming from years of high-end seafood procurement, the brand’s ethos is inspired by Mixter’s long-standing relationships with some of the most sophisticated and honorable seafood companies around the world. Beyond reducing its own carbon footprint, its second layer of activism lies within Mixter’s vision to educate its customers on the seafood supply chain as a whole.

Inspired by the mission to bring sustainable fish with uncompromised quality to the industry, Wixter Seafood specializes in restaurant grade flash frozen products, exclusively packaging prime cuts. From fin fish to bivalves, the expansive seafood selection is frozen at the peak of freshness -- meaning harvested during a species’ peak time of year, as well as frozen just hours after harvesting to naturally preserve the nutritional benefits and flavor of the species. 

Teaching through example, the brand has sought out to show people the truth behind how seafood is harvested. Choosing these products means investing in the environment’s future without compromising taste, quality, or price. Scouring the globe to find partnerships with the world seafood producers, Wixter Seafood gives voice to the hundreds of sustainable seafood companies making a difference.

Wixter Seafood’s expansion efforts have coincidentally aligned with cooking trends and practical needs surfacing from current events. Amid global crises like COVID-19, as well as climate change, Wixter Seafood has pioneered the frozen form and honored sustainability in harvesting and business practices. 


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