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Vegetarian / Vegan

All it took was the survival of a brain aneurysm and a strong warning from her doctor for Maisha Wynn to jump-start her weight loss journey with an immediate migration to a vegan lifestyle three years ago.

“The doctor didn’t have to tell me twice,” says Wynn who is now a Vegan chef, author and more than 120 pounds lighter. “My life depended on me making some serious lifestyle changes.”

Wynn has made her healthy lifestyle into a movement by sharing her story and recipes with all who will listen. On July 12th, she will have the platform where thousands will get the opportunity to witness her culinary skills at The Taste of Chicago.

Wynn has been selected as the first vegan chef to open at 11:30am and close at 5:30pm at the 39th Annual Taste of Chicago. Her appearance will feature cooking demonstrations at the Lifeway Foods Taste Kitchen, a space where celebrity and local chefs prepare their signature dishes while inspiring their followers to create their own culinary masterpieces at home.

“There will be thousands gathered in Grant Park to feast on the best of Chicago’s culinary offerings, and I was chosen to represent a growing population of vegans and vegetarians. That’s huge!” said Wynn.

The Taste of Chicago runs from July 10-14 in Grant Park. 


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