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It’s a hot dog summer at Stand-Up Burgers, the 100% plant-based fast-casual restaurant serving up burgers, fries and shakes. From now - July 27, Chicagoans who love their Chicago style hot dogs (but are trying to eat more plant-based foods) can now partake in an all-vegan Chili Dog and get their meaty hot dog fix. The Chili Dog consists of a Field Roast Hot Dog smothered in house-made chili, drizzled with Dijon mustard and served in a poppyseed bun.

From the BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger and The Freebird Crispy Chicken Sandwich to the Save the Animal-Style Fries, Stand-Up Burgers is serving up an all plant-based menu where people can feast on the classics. 

They also have an oat milk-based Strawberry Short Shake for summer. It’s a Strawberry shake topped with whipped cream, Fruit Loops cereal, and a chocolate covered strawberry.


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