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One hundred years ago, Prohibition became the law of the land. It ushered in the dawn of a new era—The Roaring Twenties—and brought art, music, literature, film, design, and fashion. The ideas and values of the era would have a impact on society for the next century.

In Uptown speakeasies, high society, intellects, artists and underworld kingpins converged in hidden clubs. A century later, Chicago’s speakeasy, Untitled Supper Club, ushers in a new decade of the 20’s. 

For those not in the know, “Untitled” is a restaurant, bar and live entertainment space tucked away in Chicago’s River North neighborhood. True to speakeasy form, one has to look hard to find Untitled, with only large unmarked doors signaling that you have arrived. 

“The Roaring Twenties was a time when Americans thirsted for fun after a very difficult period of history – including a terrible pandemic,” said Joe Manna, COO of Atomic Hospitality Group. “As we enter a new ‘twenties’ decade, we decided to slip into the sumptuous decadence of the era. The makeover of Untitled emphasizes the glamour and opulence of the period, featuring jewel-toned fabrics, flamingo feathers, velvet, tassels, mirrors, marble and a Gatsby-worthy crystal chandelier.”  

Untitled features live entertainment, including music and cabaret-style performances. The makeover emphasizes architectural elements that are reminiscent of supper clubs and cabarets from the twenties and thirties. Cozy red velvet booths in the Cabaret recall opera boxes from theater’s Golden Age. The Drawing Room and its champagne bar take subtle art deco cues with antiqued mirrored walls, a gilded ceiling and seven private dining cabanas. The Library, with its American whisky collection, is dressed in emerald velvet from floor to ceiling and features a pink marble bar as the centerpiece in the room.  

Untitled will begin offering limited bookings for a prix fixe menu on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, starting October 23. There will be three seating options per night. Tickets may be purchased online on their website.


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