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Special Events Cuban Japanese Wicker Park

On January 24th, Tomodachi at Yokocho features a Cuban-Japanese fusion of food, drink and music called Guaracha.

Guaracha will feature twists on classic Cuban cocktails like El Presidente, Shima-Way (Hemingway) and Yokito (Japanese Mojito). This Tomodachi event will also feature a food special, a salmon croquetta with a spicy chili dipping sauce. First come first serve - it's on the menu til it's gone, for one night only.

Tomodachi: Guaracha is hosted and curated by Amrashay, a traveling photographer who spends her time curating custom experiences around the world with Cuba being the number 1 destination and her second home.
What is Guaracha? It's a type of music with African influences that originated in Cuba and Puerto Rico. It's also slang for party! And Tomodachi nights at Yokocho are always a party. 


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