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American Wicker Park

The Robey's new cocktail, The Warhol, was created in honor of The Art Institute’s exhibit on Andy Warhol. The Robey has a standing partnership with the The Art Institute and offers discounted tickets to guests. This drink will be available at Café Robey and The Lounge now through the month of January.

The Warhol is a curated take on a whiskey sour with floral and fruity notes. Served in a Campbell’s tomato soup can, and incorporating his preferred spirit, the drink pays homage to the late artist’s work and personality. The ingredients consist of: Jack Daniels, Aronia Berry Liqueur, Lemon, and Hibiscus Berry Tea. 

Additionally, there will be a ‘golden ticket’ randomly marked under some of the cocktails. The lucky winner will receive a free dinner for two at Café Robey. 


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