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New Menu American West Loop

The Loyalist (177 N Ada St.) thinks it’s high time Mondays got a better rap. To do their part, they are opening their doors on the first day of the work week and are offering a variety of Champagne and caviar specials, in addition to their regular cocktail and food menus, starting November 26. 

When the bar opens at 4pm, look for Cremant de Bourgogne ($13 a glass), Charles Heidsieck ($24 a glass, $13 half-glass) and Baller (yeah, we went there), a rotating selection of rarely-seen-by-the-glass options ($36 glass, $20 half-glass). First up: 2009 Camille Saves Grand Cru Bouzy.

At 5pm, the kitchen opens and Monday food specials include the Smyth beef fat doughnut - making an appearance downstairs for the first time - served with a dollop of caviar upgrade ($10), blini topped with Kaluga caviar and crème fraiche ($13) and East Coast oysters topped Baerii caviar and crème fraiche ($11). Caviar service with all the trimmings (blini, crème fraiche, scallions and finely chopped egg white and yolks) is available in 15 and 30 grams portions of Baerii ($40, $75) and Kaluga caviars ($50, $95). 


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