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The Hampton Social has just launched its new menu across Chicagoland locations. The all-day dinner & brunch menu rollout includes fall dishes, an updated cocktail menu featuring seasonal ingredients, and a list of zero-proof drinks. They have added Bowls to their offerings too. 

Each location is also hosting a Black Friday Brunch on 11/25/2022 starting at 11am. 

Dinner Menu Highlights: 

  • CRISPY QUESADILLA: goat cheese, arugula, honey, balsamic, white truffle

  • OYSTER ST. CHARLES: fried oyster, creamy spinach, lemon aioli

  • SCALLOP CEVICHE: leche de tigre, sweet potato, jalapeño, plantain chips

  • AHI TUNA BOWL: quinoa, sweet potato, edamame, avocado, kale, cilantro cream

  • CHICKEN PESTO BOWL: tomato, pistachio, arugula, feta, asparagus

  • SCALLOP RISOTTO: coconut, mushroom, miso glaze

  • BAJA FISH TACOS: mango salsa, jalapeño aioli, cilantro cream, slaw, flour tortillas

  • SHORT RIB: creamy sweet polenta, corn, demi-glace 

  • LOADED HOMEMADE CHIPS: blue cheese, green onion, bacon

  • PUMPKIN BROWNIE: amaretto caramel, pumpkin seeds, cinnamon brown sugar gelato

  • SHORT RIB POUTINE : cheese curds, fried egg, demi-glace (BRUNCH MENU)

Cocktail Menu Highlights: 

  • MISTY ROSE: Tradicional Blanco, Habanero, Campari, Grapefruit, Floral Mist

  • DAIQUIRI DEUX: El Dorado 3 Year, White Cranberry Peach, Lime

  • WINTER SOLSTICE Botanist Gin, Grilled Lemon, Jack Rudy Tonic, Rosemary

  • GARDNER'S BAY BREEZE :Citrus Infused Sneaky Fox Vodka, Aperol, Spiced Strawberry, Lemon

  • CALL ME OLD FASHION: cacao nib infused whiskey, tart cherry, angostura

  • VIBE SPRITZ: aperol, cucumber, strawberry, lemon (BRUNCH MENU)

Zero Proof Menu:

  • SPARKLING ROSÉ: non-alcoholic with notes of peach, strawberry, pear

  • THE LIGHTHOUSE: sicilian lemonade, rosemary

  • SAND DUNES & SUNSETS: yuzu lime, cayenne, gold

  • THE SHORELINE: spiced strawberry, pink grapefruit

Locations include Burr Ridge, River North, Streeterville, Skokie and South Barrington.


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