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Debbie Sharpe from The Goddess and Grocer has created a special Shabbat Dinner menu for takeout or delivery. 

The Shabbat Dinner menu features ready-to-heat meals with veggie, meat, and fish options along with add-ons like dessert, wine, soup and more. Choose from menus for 12 ($12 per person) or Dinner for 2 ($40 for two entrees, one dessert, and a bottle of wine). 


  • Meat Lasagna
  • Turkey Meatloaf 
  • Lemon Chicken
  • Shepherd's Pie 
  • Spinach Lasagna
  • "Chicken" Fiesta Bowl - with vegan cilantro lime rice 
  • Brownie bars 
  • Dream bars 
  • Rice Krispie 
  • Cheese Tortellini with Shrimp
  • Thai Salmon Cake
  • Wine - Nica Pinot Grigio, Leese Finch Pinot Noir, Aviary Cabernet 
  • Soup - Vegan Thai Corn Chowder, Beef Cactus Chili, Chicken Matzo Ball Soup - 1/2 QT ($6) / QT ($10) 

Head to for pick up or delivery or order at: Or call your closest Goddess and Grocer at these locations: Damen 773.342.3200 / Larrabee 312.988.9870 / State: 312.265.1888.


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