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Bar / Lounge Italian Andersonville

Bar Roma in Andersonville has launched "The Art of Amari" program, featuring an extensive array of Amari available in one or two ounce pours. Amari, the bittersweet Italian liqueur is an aperitivo or digestivo, generally including various herbs, roots, flowers and spices, which are macerated in alcohol and sometimes blended with a sweet syrup and tempered in barrels or bottles. In Italy, Amari is meant to be poured conservatively and drank leisurely, as a before-dinner drink to simulate your appetite, or to soothe your stomach and help digest food after a hearty meal.

Bar Roma's ample Amari list boasts more than 20 varieties, served neat or offered in cocktails, including Amaro Spritz, Amaro Negroni and Amaro Sour. The complete "Art of Amari" menu may be viewed here


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