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Craft Cocktails

Hotel EMC2, located at 228 E. Ontario Street, is celebrating both Albert Einstein’s Birthday and Pi Day  on Wednesday, March 14 through a charitable event and science-inspired incentives. Keeping with the pie theme on Pi Day, both guests of the hotel and hotel employees are invited to participate in a “Pie in the Face” event on the patio of the property. In addition to this, the hotel’s contemporary restaurant, the Albert, will be serving up both the Happy Birthday Albert! and Apple Pi cocktails in honor of Albert Einstein’s birthday and Pi Day. The Happy Birthday Albert! cocktail, made with sugar, absinthe, and sparkling wine, will be available for all patrons at the Albert that day and is priced at $3 + $1 + $4 ($8 total). The Apple Pi cocktail, featuring calvados, demerara, and bitters, can be purchased all day on March 14 for $3.14.

The “Pie in the Face” event will take place on March 14 from 2pm to 4pm. Those looking to participate can purchase a $5 pie for a ten foot throw or a $10 pie for a five foot throw. These pies will be thrown at the Hotel EMC2 management team and all proceeds from the event will benefit Project SYNCERE, an educational, Chicago-based non-profit that combines art and science to create transformational experiences for youth within underserved Chicago communities. Jason Coleman, Co -Founder and Executive Director of Project SYNCERE, and members from the philanthropic organization will be present at the event.


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