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Prix Fixe Italian The Loop

The work of artist Vincent Van Gogh is currently being celebrated at the Art Institute and Tesori Trattorria and Bar, located just steps from the exhibit, is featuring a Van Gogh-inspired prix fixe menu. From April 17 to May 10, guests may enjoy three courses that lend a nod to Van Gogh's The Poet's Garden (oak leaf, endive and asparagus salad), The Bedroom (golden beet ravioli) and Grapes, Lemons, Pears and Apples (cheese and fruit platter). The menu, detailed below, is $22.

From the Art Institute: Vincent van Gogh’s bedroom in Arles is arguably the most famous chambre in the history of art. It also held special significance for the artist, who created three distinct paintings of this intimate space from 1888 to 1889. This exhibition—presented only at the Art Institute of Chicago—brings together all three versions of The Bedroom for the first time in North America, offering a pioneering and in-depth study of their making and meaning to Van Gogh in his relentless quest for home.

Van Gogh Prix Fixe

First Course
The Poet's Garden, 1888, oil on canvas
Oak Leaf, Endive and Asparagus Salad with pine nuts, yellow pepper vinaigrette

Second Course
The Bedroom, 1889, oil on canvas
Golden Beet Ravioli, gorgonzola dolce sauce, roasted red beets

Third Course
Grapes, Lemons, Pears, and Apples, 1887, oil on canvas
Cheese and Fruit Platter with gorgonzola, pecorino toscano, parmigiano reggiano, a variety of fruits, red wine pear reduction sauce



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