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Sushi By Bou brings its Omakase experience to the Gold Coast, joining sister restaurant Sushi Boutique in the Claridge House hotel. Sushi By Bou combines a small setting with a drink list and a timed Omakase experience, in which guests can leave any menu decisions up to the sushi chef.

The space takes inspiration from the Roaring Twenties, with Art Deco design, including rich colors, grand chandeliers, gold details, crystal adornments and vintage touches. Sushi By Bou’s is a timed Omakase experience (30 minutes/12 pieces/$50pp or 60 minutes/17 pieces/100pp). In this traditional Japanese culinary experience, guests let the chef decide their menu.

Sushi By Bou features fish, sourced locally and globally. As the decision-makers, sushi chefs serve the guests, guiding them through a personalized experience. Selections can include Hamachi (yellowtail); Botan Ebi (spotted prawn); Ikura (salmon roe); Hotate (scallop); O-Toro (fatty tuna);  Unagi (bbq eel); and their signature Wagyuni (‘surf and turf’). Hand rolls and other sushi options can be made upon request, and additional a la carte items are also available. Dessert, which includes seasonal mochi ice cream, can be added to the end of the meal.

Adrink list offers a list of Champagne and other bubbles, and imported sake. There’s also a menu of signature cocktails, including the Nip it in the Bud (Japanese whiskey, sweet vermouth, ginger liqueur, Cocchi Americano, lemon twist), Never Too Sweet (Bourbon whiskey, dry curacao, pimento bitters, and sage, rosemary, thyme smoke), First Time (Blanco tequila, Pamplemousse liqueur, grapefruit juice, lime juice), and Shiso Southsider (Suntory haku vodka, shiso leaves, simple syrup, lime juice). Sake and whiskeys are available as flights, and there’s also a selection of Japanese beer available.

Sushi By Bou will be open for dinner Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 6 - 10 p.m. Hours on Friday and Saturday are 6 - 11 p.m.  


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