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Stan’s will celebrate its milestone 5th birthday by giving guests free donuts. Plus a brand new donut.

On Tuesday, February 26, guests who visit any of the 10 Stan’s stores in the city and suburbs will receive a free glazed donut with any purchase.

That day also marks the debut of Stan’s Caramel Marshmallow Pocket, featuring gooey caramel and marshmallow folded inside a pillow of dough. The Pocket’s final touch: chocolate glaze and a sprinkling of mini-marshmallows.

As a sweet reward for the early birds on February 26, the first 50 customers at each store will receive a complimentary Caramel Marshmallow Pocket.

The new Caramel Marshmallow Pocket is $3.75 and joins the Dough Boy’s Best lineup on Stan’s menu, which includes the Biscoff Pocket and Chocolate Pocket with Nutella. Pockets have been a part of the Stan’s experience dating to Stan Berman’s original shop in Los Angeles.


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