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St. Patrick may get most of the attention with the parades, parties and green beer but he’s not the only patron saint celebrated in March. St. Joseph’s Day, which falls on Saturday, March 19th, is an important holiday for many Italian Americans including Connie’s owner Mike Stolfe, who grew up celebrating “La Festa di San Giuseppe”.

This year Stolfe invites Chicagoans to join in the celebration with a St. Joseph’s Day feast featuring traditional ingredients and dishes. Pasta and fish typically make up the main courses since the holiday falls during lent when meat is not eaten. Fava beans and bread crumbs are also incorporated into the meal, the bread crumbs symbolizing sawdust since St. Joseph was a carpenter.

And don’t forget the Zeppole di San Giuseppe! Zeppole, or "Italian doughnuts", are fried pastries dusted with sugar and filled with custard, jelly or pastry cream.

Red is the customary color of the holiday and guests are encouraged to sport spirited attire. The menu will be available March 14th - March 20th.


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