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The St. Jane Hotel has debuted a new specialty cocktail menu crafted by mixologist, Annie Beebe-Tron.

The new collection of libations was inspired by the St. Jane Hotel itself, with the intention of taking guests on a journey throughout the property to highlight the stories within each space (Café at Free Rein, Free Rein and Mr. Brown’s Lounge). At the core of the new menu are six signature drinks that are reimaginations of classic cocktails, from the Highball to the Martini to the Boulevardier.

A few offerings from the new menu include:

  • Amaro Palmer –Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka, Lemon Juice, Sfumado Rabarbaro, Santa Theresa Rum, Demerara Syrup
    • St. Jane’s take on a boozy Arnold Palmer, with vodka, rum and amaro
  • Ball and Buck – La Cigarrera Oloroso, Domaine de Canton Ginger, Orchard Apricot Liqueur, Koch Espadin Mezcal
    • Available at Free Rein, the hotel’s all-day contemporary brasserie, this drink was inspired by a South African apricot chutney and combines mezcal, apricot, ginger and olorosoe sherry.
  • Ba Be CaféSweetened condensed milk, plantation pineapple rum and clement canne syrup
    • This beverage is geared toward the morning drinker and motivation is Vietnamese iced coffee.
  • Back Porch Punch – MBL Jerk Sauce, Angostura Bitters, Lime Juice, Clement syrup, Domaine de Canton Ginger, Appleton Rum
    • Served at Mr. Brown’s Lounge, this casual, Jamaican-influenced cocktail boasts a flavor profile that complement the restaurant’s spicy and flavorful dishes. 
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