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Craft Cocktails

Auto Monde Cafe & Spirits invites guests to put some spring in their step at the Spring Cocktail Class hosted by House Mixologist Becci Visconti West. Taking place on Saturday, February 6th, beginning at 12 p.m., the class focuses on shrubs - a sweetened vinegar-based syrup - and showcases both the health benefits that come along with using shrubs, like invigorating the digestive system, and how to incorporate them into personalized cocktails.

During the class, guests learn to:

  • Define the differences between easy shrubs, lengthier shrubs, and switchels
  • Understand the process creating of easy add-ons for shrubs like fresh and dried herbs, lemonade, honey, and other vinegars

Imbibers also have the opportunity to taste a variety of housemade shrubs and create a shrub from scratch. Along with cocktail samples, a light lunch from Chefs Dan Pancake, Beth Partridge, and Andrew Kerns will also be provided.

Autre Monde


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