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Lincoln Park

Whether you’re in the streets of the concrete jungle, a picturesque rooftop or one of the lucky ones who found a patch of grass, a great summer barbecue is always comprised of the same key items: bumpin tunes, ice cold drinks, fabulous friends and most importantly great food. King Crab Chicago offers insight on simple and easy ways to spice up barbecue staples and amp up the flavor. Step one, pump up the protein!

Cy Sadaka, the Owner of King Crab recommends great ways to fortify food flavors by ditching traditional meats and incorporating fish instead. Cy offers tips that simplify cooking and add a boost of flavor:

  • Lemon boards: grill fish on slices of lemon to not only keep it from sticking and falling apart but imparting extra flavor
  • Rosemary skewers: use a sprig of rosemary to stack cuts of fish and veggies for not only an eco-friendly way to cook but also for subtle flavoring
  • Mix it up (all up): a multi-seafood ceviche is a great way to introduce bold flavors through chilled bites

Grab a drink and some tongs and get outdoors to ring in the summer grilling season with these fun tips.


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