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Limited Time Only

Seven Lions is launching a featured burger and cocktail in conjunction with the Art Institute of Chicago’s opening of the Paul Gauguin Artist as Alchemist exhibit on Sunday, June 25. After touring the exhibit, you can head across the street to continue your immersion into the culture that inspired Gauguin’s artwork – this time, via the curated flavors of Executive Chef Patrick Russ.   

Drawing on the inspiration behind Gauguin’s exploration of Tahiti, The Gauguin Burger and Noa Noa Cocktail, too, evoke the vibrant, colorful atmosphere of the tropics.  

Chef Russ created The Gauguin Burger to combine Gauguin’s French origin with the flavors of Tahitian culture.  Chef Russ devised a flavor combination with a single beef patty, house-made country pate, pork belly, crispy plantains, grilled pineapple, and a coconut and red cabbage slaw.   

And a fitting cocktail, the Noa Noa Cocktail is fashioned after the flavors of Polynesia. Served in a hurricane glass with a flower garnish, the drink blends dark rum, Tahitian vanilla-infused vodka, and fruit juice.   

The featured menu items will be available on June 25 through September 10, the length of the exhibit.


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