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On June 17, David Choi of Seoul Taco joins Spilt Milk’s roster of chefs participating in the recurring dinner series, Family Meal Monday. For the dinner, Chef David of Seoul Taco is partnering with Chef Qui Tran of Nudo House to deliver a charitable, St. Louis-backed, alfresco dining event in Chicago. David and Qui have been close friends for several years, and come together to prepare one-day menu offerings of Kimchi Brussel Sprouts + Pork Belly Stir Fry, and Kalbi Short Ribs with Rice, and Salt and Pepper Calamari.

For the Kimchi Brussel Sprout Stir Fry, Chef David pickles brussels sprouts instead of using a Napa cabbage for his kimchi-infused stir fry. After the kimchi is prepared, it’s added to a pan with a Korean-marinated pork belly to create David’s version of a traditional Korean dish called bokkum, meaning “mix” or “stir”. The stir fry is garnished with scallions and fried shallots and served with fresh tofu on the side.

Chef David will also prepare kalbi, a Korean barbequed beef short rib often known for its sweet, savory flavors and tender meat. Typically prepared over a charcoal grill, kalbi’s sweet and salty flavors are enhanced with a smokier flavor, which complements the sour kimchi and white race sides.

The chefs’ Korean and Vietnamese eats will be accompanied by Spilt Milk’s drink offerings as well as St. Louis-based 4 Hands Brewing. Family Meal Monday takes place on June 17 (and subsequent Mondays until Sept. 30) and guests can purchase tickets ($20) with cash at the door.


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