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Beginning Friday, June 30, 2023 at 7 am, the Mercato di Fiore located at Fiore Pizzeria and Bakery will have Glazed and Infused donuts available Friday-Sunday. Glazed and Infused donuts will be available with the new Mercato hours, beginning at 7 am, Friday- Sunday. Fiore will offer six of Glazed's most popular donuts including:

  • Old Fashioned,  $2.75 each 
  • Creme Brulee, $3.50 each 
  • Maple Bacon Long John, $3.50 each 
  • Apple Fritter, $3.50 each 
  • Blueberry Cake, $2.75 each 
  • Chocolate Glazed Cake w/ sprinkles, $3.50 each 

To celebrate this Chicagoland comeback, the team at Fiore Pizzeria and Bakery will be giving free mystery gift cards to the first 50 customers with the purchase of Glazed and Infused donuts. Gift cards will vary, but individuals will have the opportunity to win up to $100.


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