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As of this week, Rye Deli + Drink’s bagels are now available to order in East Bank Club’s The Food Shop (500 North Kingsbury St) -- a cafe open to the public. With this launch, Rye will be supplying The Food Shop with six of their hand-made, hand-rolled gourmet bagels (their first wholesale partnership). 

While bagels aren’t your typical health food, Rye’s approach yields a nutritionally-dense baked good. A look into Rye’s bagel process:

  • Made with four whole wheat flours from five varieties of heirloom wheat

  • Naturally leavened using a starter made from Danko Rye -- created by Rye back in March of 2020

  • Over the course of two days, bagels are created and fermented

  • Finally baked on jute-wrapped boards to achieve the perfect chew and texture

The Food Shop is open to the public weekdays 8am-8pm, and weekends 8am-6pm.


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