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Coming Soon Pizza Lakeview

Roebuck Pizza, the newest concept from the team at DryHop Brewers, is slated to open in fall of 2019. Owned by brewery founder Greg Shuff and named for a European species of deer to set the tone for a playful theme, the pizza bar will offer a selection of pies created from wild fermented dough, cocktails, and a selection of lagers on tap. Located adjacent to the DryHop brewpub in Lakeview, the new restaurant promises Neo-Neapolitan pizza in a dark and retro environment. Opening after success with DryHop brewpub and Corridor Brewery & Provisions, Roebuck will be the company’s third opening since 2013

“Creating a Neo-Neapolitan pizza is to build on the techniques of Neapolitan pizza making while not being limited by old world tradition. We’re adding flavors, ingredients, and baking techniques from the rest of the world,” says Shuff, who traveled to Naples and underwent ‘the most demanding training I’ve ever experienced’ under Master Pizzaiolo Enzo Coccia in preparation for the concept. “We’re excited to take what we learned in Naples and evolve that into something that blends long-standing culinary traditions with a modern approach.”

The new 2,700 square foot restaurant features an open kitchen, 25-seat horseshoe bar, and 60-seat dining room. The dark and retro aesthetic starts with a large vinyl record collection and is backed by the wood burning Pavesi pizza oven, built in Modena, Italy. Roebuck and DryHop, while next door to each other, operate independently.

The Roebuck menu will present a modern take on the Neapolitan pizza, creating theirs’s from wild-fermented dough that combines a blend of flours, a wild-yeast starter, and an extended rising time prior to cooking. The dough recipe combined with the high-temperature wood-fired cooking, yields a desired texture for the pizza – Thick and crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside. 

Executive Chef Nick Averill, who hails from a long list of baking programs at restaurants including Little Goat and Publican Quality Bread, is adorning a dozen different pizza varieties with fresh and seasonal ingredients. “The types and amount of toppings that you put on a beautiful crust like ours will make or break the pizza,” says Averill. “We will be playful with our topping combinations, while still paying the highest respect to the crust itself”. Menu items include pizzas like the Soppressatta & Honey with tomato, mozzarella, Caciocavallo cheese, pickled chilis, basil, hot sopressatta, and honey as well as the White Pepper with Taleggio cream, mozzarella, Gorgonzola dolce, pecorino, and black pepper. 

A rotating cocktail menu will arrange for an accompaniment to any pizza on the menu. Cocktails like the Crush with Reposado Tequila, amaro, raspberry liquor, and fresh lime will accent the big flavors of Roebuck’s modern pies. A succinct beer menu, brewed on-site in the back of Roebuck, will include a Bohemian-style pilsner, a Vienna-style lager, and a helles lager dry hopped with American hops. 

Roebuck will be open for dinner only during the week and will serve both lunch and dinner on the weekends. 


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