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French North Center

Beginning Thursday, January 13th, diners will be able to experience Robert Et Fils (4229 N Lincoln Ave) in a more casual setting. During Bar Night at this French-inspired restaurant, diners can sip on an expanded menu of cocktail offerings, including eight cocktails and four spirit-free cocktails. Classic cocktails will also be available to order, including twists on the classic Espresso Martini and French 75. A full wine and beer list will also be available. Pastry Chef, Cati Molnar, has curated a small selection of bites that diners can order while partaking in their cocktail experience. 

Bar Night at Robert Et Fils will be offered every Thursday evening from 6:00pm until 12:00am and no reservations are needed.

Cocktails that will be available that were curated by Robert Et Fils's beverage director.

Spirit Frees:

  • Seeds and Sticks - seedlip spice 94, gnista barreled oak, toasted sunflower seed, cinnamon, lime
  • Espresso and Tonic - lyre’s aperitif dry, robert et fils espresso blend, sea salt, cacao nib, roasted chicory, yuzu tonic
  • Jillian - monday gin, honeybush, coriander-poached apples and pears, angelica root, duché de longueville cidre
  • The Toasted One [aka: spiritfree toddy] - lyre’s american malt and amaretti, golden hojicha, ginger, lemon


  • Your Martini - citadelle gin, haymans navy strength gin, dolin blanc and dry
  • French 75 - bache gabrielsen vs cognac, gamle ode holiday on rye aquavit, golden hojicha, lemon, crémant d’alsace
  • Espresso Martini no.2 - grey goose, po di poli aromatica grappa, robert et fils espresso blend, bordeaux coffee, sea salt, demerara
  • Sidewalk Daiquiri - el dorado 5yr rum, jinkoo imo shochu, brown butter, toasted sunflower seed, cinnamon, lime
  • Really Tasty Sidecar - g.e. massenez yellow plum brandy, dry curaçao, lemon, coriander-poached apples and pears
  • Another One - rey campero espadin mezcal, bordiga extra dry and aperitivo, tangerine, cacao nib, roasted chicory
  • Sazerac - bache gabrielsen vs cognac, rittenhouse rye, salted vanilla,sarsaparilla, acid absinthe, peychaud’s
  • The Nostalgic One [aka: toddy] - famille dupont calvados 2yr, chai, toasted hay honey, angostura


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