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Limited Time Only Ramen River North

Slurping Turtle, the original River North ramen shop and sushi restaurant, is excited to offer a unique bowl for the month of January: Resolution Ramen. This delicious slurp will help you keep (some of) your New Year’s resolutions. Resolution Ramen is made with beef stock shoyu broth, shirataki noodles, thinly sliced ribeye, a Japanese mushroom medley, bean sprouts, Tokyo scallions, and poached egg. This healthy slurp is topped with garlic chip and shallot oil and made with yam noodles. The silky stock is made with beef bone and veggies.

What the heck are yam noodles, you say? Yam noodles, or Shirataki noodles, provide a slurp for ramen lovers looking to cut back on carbs. New year, new you, right? These noodles are virtually carb and calorie free. 

Resolution Ramen is $16 and available until January 31


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