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River North

April 26 is not just a regular Tuesday on the calendar, but instead a day of honoring a classic American snack, the pretzel. Though the doughy treat has one day dedicated to it, Public House in River North, is taking the day and hosting a Twist + Stout week-long spree featuring specialty housemade pretzels paired with stout beers for $15. From Monday, April 25 to Saturday, April 30, guests can snack on four specialty pretzels with optional stout pairings. For example, the gastropub will be featuring the Traditional Housemade Pretzel, served with a side of cheddar beer fondue, paired with Buffalo Sweat Oatmeal Cream Stout. For those pizza lovers out there, the “P3” Pepperoni Pizza Pretzel, complimented by a marinara sauce and Casper White Stout, will settle all of your cravings...and more. For those who like it hot, and no not that kind of hot, the Jalapeño Cheddar Pretzel, served with a queso poblano dip and Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Stout. Don't forget to end your celebration on a sweet note; The Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel, accompanied by a warm chocolate dipping sauce and Young’s Double Chocolate Stout, will satisfy any sweet tooth. Guests can opt enjoy the specialty featured pretzels without its Stout pairing for $9.



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