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Brew Brew Coffee and Tea, a Mexican coffee shop, is reopening its Pilsen (1641 W 18th Street) location on Monday, October 28, 2019. Visitors can expect to see a new look. The owners and siblings, Jazmin Medrano, Diana Medrano, and Christian Medrano, have worked for the past eleven months to create an environment and menu that reflects their Mexican roots. 

“We wanted a brand that reflects our culture and the heritage of Mexico and our hometown of Tijuana. Our previous branding and design didn’t have that direct connection. We wanted to update our look to reflect our future, which goes beyond coffee and tea, as well as our roots in Baja. We choose the ram as our logo as it is indigenous to this region. We landed on this imagery because it represents strength, determination, and energy as well as reminds us where we came from.” - Medrano Family 

The Space 

The space was a design collaboration between the owners and reflected the Baja region’s beachy, desert look. The store has a modern feel with soft pinks, creams, blonde wood, and desert plants. Original tin ceilings are a nod to the long history of the storefront. The blue tiles lining the counter were designed and hand printed by co-owner Jazmin Medrano. The space seats 12 total between two-four top tables and a cozy seating nook at the windowed storefront. During the warmer months, an eight-seat patio will be dog-friendly. 

The team’s mission is incorporated into the design and welcomes guests. “It is our mission to celebrate and embrace cultural differences, breakthrough stereotypes, and build a “second home” through our coffee shops. We want our customers and employees to feel the world every time they walk into one of our shops.” 

The Menu 

The menu was designed to be reflective of Mexican American cuisine. Guests will see breakfast options, but with an earthy twist, that they can enjoy seated or on-the-go. Food items are in partnership with a local Chef Jay Ruff and are a collaboration of ideas from both sides. The menu is continuing to evolve with takes on classic Mexican fare. Future offerings will include afternoon cocktails at the Pilsen location, that feature Mexican flavors in a modern way.

The drink menu features coffee roasted by Passion House Coffee Roasters. Options include a full espresso bar and a list of organic tea blends. Guests can sip on cappuccinos, lattes, espresso, specialty drinks, cold brew, nitro, and iced & hot tea. Highlights are familiar with Mexican beverages with a personal touch. Cafe De Olla (Mexican Spiced Coffee) is made with their recipe of Mexican ground coffee, cinnamon, and raw dark sugar (piloncillo). The team also worked with a local chocolatier to source the dark chocolate for their Mexican Hot Chocolate. Seasonal beverages will be offered as well. 

The Team 

The owners and siblings, Jazmin Medrano, Diana Medrano, and Christian Medrano, are  immigrants who moved from Tijuana, Mexico to Chicago in August 2000. They bought their first location in their own neighborhood of Avondale (3832 W. Diversey Avenue) in 2014. They transformed the space from a corner convenience store that attracted trouble to a bustling neighborhood community place that filled a need in the area. On the success of the Avondale store, they opened their Pilsen location in July 2014. 

“We’ve always loved the community feeling we’ve found in coffee shops, and thought what better than opening our own right here in the neighborhood. We are truly family-owned and built. In many ways, it’s fate—we came to Chicago from Baja, California, so it only felt natural to open our shops in Avondale and Pilsen, where our hearts and homes intersect.” -Medrano Family


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