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When Sugar Hills Bakery thinks of Paczki, (pronounced Pawnch-ki) they don't just think of their deep fried, round balls of buttery dough. To them, it means so much more. The tasty treat is actually a Polish tradition held close to bakery owners Anna Majewski and Jacob Neminarz. Known for specializing in European sweets, this Polish-owned bakery has a Paczki recipe that dates back many generations.

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When it comes to Paczki Day in the states, Anna and Jacob are especially happy to be catering to Chicago, a city where Paczki is all the rage and growing in popularity each year. They see it as a great opportunity to share a little piece of their Polish tradition with the rest of the Windy City.


In fact, the tasty treat is so sought after, Sugar Hills Bakery will be serving up their generations old Paczki recipe on Thursday, February 12th and Tuesday, February 17th.

"I grew up in Poland eating Paczki and during this time every year I look forward to using my Grandmother's recipe and baking for the community."

~Co-owner, Jacob Neminarz

Staying true to Polish tradition, Sugar Hills tops their piping hot Paczki with icing, powdered sugar or bits of orange zest. These delicious, overstuffed pastries will stir your morning senses with flavors including rose hips, strawberry, raspberry, apricot, cinnamon sugar and custard.

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Gourmet Paczki flavors include cherry, blueberry and strawberry topped with whipped cream and for those who really want to entertain their sweet tooth, strawberry topped with cream cheese. While you're at the bakery, pair your authentic Paczki with a fresh and compelling Kilogram Tea, a match that will really make your taste buds flutter.

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Sugar Hills will be offering a variety of authentic Paczki during the week long celebration at all three of their locations including Chicago, Algonquin and Wheeling. To make sure you get your favorite flavor, pre order your Paczki by calling 773.961.7077.



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