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Brunch New Menu Mediterranean Andersonville

Oda Mediterranean Cuisine, located in Andersonville, will launch brunch service starting Sunday, August 23. From 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., guests may order a midday Mediterranean meal, complete with unlimited mimosas. The menu, outlined below, features an array of Mediterranean omelettes, savory Georgian cheese boats, mezes and more. As a special treat, chef/owner Marina Cardak has created a "panburger" featuring layers of Russian pancakes with nutella, kaymak (whipped cream) and berries. 

Brunch cocktails include mimosas mixed with the choice of orange juice, blood orange juice, sour cherry, raspberry or homemade lemonade ($6 each, or $15 bottomless with entree purchase), Turkish Toddy (bourbon, apricot jam and lemon), Boozy Coffee (baileys or kahlua), wine, beer and cocktails. Alcohol-free beverages consist of Turkish Tea (cold or hot), Turkish coffee, Ayran (traditional Turkish yogurt drink), homemade lemonade, soft drinks and sparkling water.

Oda offers alfresco dining on their sidewalk cafe, along with window-side seating indoors.

Oda Mediterranean Cuisine and Cocktails
5657 N. Clark Street

Sunday, 11 a.m.-3 p.m.

Mediterranean Omelettes
served with homemade roasted potatoes 
sucuklu mediterranean beef sausage $12
sebzeli mixed veggies $10
feta scramble $10 

sunny batumi sunny side eggs, sautéed sirloin strips, black pepper marigold rice $13
adjaruli khachapuri oven baked cheese and egg boat $14
add spinach, tomatoes or mushroom $1
add ground beef or sucuk $2

Mezes and More
turkish feta and olives platter $10
classic hummus chickpeas, garlic, toasted sesame paste, evoo $7
sucuklu hummus paprika butter seared turkish sausage $12
atom strained yogurt, roasted red peppers, paprika oil, dried chili, walnuts $10
ezme peppers, tomatoes, garlic confit, dill, pomegranate reduction, fiery chilies, walnuts $9
soslu patlican pan-fried eggplant, fresh tomatoes, green peppers, onions $8
babaganoush smoked eggplant, garlic confit, tahini, evoo $8
sigara boregi flaky pastry, feta, spinach, parsley $8
mantar guvech white or cremini mushrooms, feta, pecorino, tarragon $11
shak-shuka eggplant, paprika, tomato, potato goulash, egg $12
charred spanish octopus roasted peppers, garlic confit, shallots, roasted basil potatoes $15
shrimp a la marina jumbo shrimp, garlic butter, lemon beurre blanc, sautéed spinach, baby potatoes $15
oda salad seasonal greens, dried barberries and apricots, toasted pecans, goat cheese, pickled beets $15

Special Treat
panburger layers of oladiki (Russian pancakes), nutella, kaymak, berries $12 

Brunch Cocktails
mimosa orange, blood orange, sour cherry, raspberry, lemonade ($6 glass; $15 bottomless with entree)
turkish toddy bourbon, apricot jam, lemon $5
boozy coffee baileys or kahlua $6
*wine, beer and cocktail selections also available

turkish tea cold, hot $2
turkish coffee, espresso or americano $3
ayran with fresh mint $3
homemade lemonade turkish traditional, georgian tarragon $4
soft drinks $2
sparkling water $3

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Oda Salad W Lamb


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